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Before using Google Apps I was very resistant to change – but it ended up being a lot easier than I expected. I’m glad the team at itGenius took charge and helped me make the change as I now work very differently using Google’s tools.

I really like the fact that you can access your files and data anywhere from any device. I need to be able to access my files and get work done when I’m out of the office, on the run, between client offices and I can just dial in and access my files from anywhere. I’m no longer restricted by location.

Google apps is also really easy to use. I like the documents, because its always live data that you’re working on. You can share your documents really easily, and any changes you make are always up to date – instead of waiting for other products like Dropbox to ‘sync’. There’s also no more ‘downtime’ because of IT failures meaning my team can stay productive.

itGenius were really helpful in the transitioning process, and using Google Apps has opened my mind up to the possibilities of using other cloud systems to improve my business.

I couldn’t go back to ‘non-cloud’ applications!

Catherine McMurtrie
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