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The thing I love about Google Apps from productivity and workflow point of view is the ease of collaboration with my remote team and also with clients. I can now bring my clients and remote team together in real time.

For example, I had a Client, Developer and Me all on one video call (Google Hangout). We opened a live Google Document and live sketch and were able to take notes, brainstorm and create a live wireframe together. It’s about connecting all the important people on the project.

Before moving to Google Apps, the wireframe would be manually sketched, scanned and uploaded, sent to designer and then finally sent off for approval – all with a 24hr+ turnaround at each step. Using Google Hangouts for video-enabled meetings and collaboration it was approved instantly in the meeting and sent off to the designer to start work on it straight away.

Google Apps saves me time, I love the efficiency and ease of use. I’d never, ever go back to doing business any other way. No more uploading, downloading, attaching or worrying about whether or not i have the latest version.

This has fundamentally changed the way I do business.

Fiona Lewis
Internet Marketing Expert
Super Savvy Business