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In this podcast, listen to Peter Moriarty, an award winning entrepreneur and one of the Top 10 Entrepreneurs under 30 by Smart Company as he discusses how you can build and grow your business, by learning from younger businesses such as Facebook, Google, Amazon and many more.

Here, you will also know how Peter grew itGenius to one of Australia’s most recognizable businesses, how technology is affecting business today, and what Peter recommends to create a 7-figure location independent business.

“You have to learn from these younger businesses. You have to learn from the Facebooks and the Googles and the Amazons…and start reinventing yourselves.” Peter Moriarty

Managing Director, itGenius Australia

01:24: Who is Peter Moriarty

08:24: How Peter Became Australia’s Top 10 Entrepreneurs Under 30

10:55: On Creating a True Location Independent Business

14:32: Tools Peter Recommends to Clean Up Operations

19:07: The Future of Tech and Automation

24:39: Why Fear Plays a Role for Peter When Keeping Up with Competition

Here are some of the tools Peter uses and recommends: