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Business was good for BareFoot Bali—but things were starting to get out of hand.

The bigger the business got, the messier things became, and the BareFoot Bali team focused too much on small, insignificant things instead of the Big Picture of raising funds to clothe 3000 Balinese children in new school uniforms and shoes.

photoMare, the founder of the Humanitarian Doctors Foundation (along with her partner Tom)—the charity behind BareFoot Bali—recalls how her staff were wasting time emailing versions of documents to each other. As for Mare, she exhausted herself spending time on internal emails and general organisation, so much so that she didn’t have time to actually focus on growing the business anymore.

A friend of Mare’s mentioned itGenius to her…but Mare was sceptical. Wasn’t it just going to add more work to her already jam-packed schedule? And truth be told, Mare was a bit embarrassed. By what, you ask?

In Mare’s own words:

“Our very successful business was running on prehistoric systems that were all based on my laptop. I’m pretty sure if my laptop was stolen or lost, we’d also lose about half of our IP and business. Not good!


I thought when I reached out to Peter at itGenius, he would laugh and think less of me as a business person. But he didn’t. Instead, he smashed though the things we needed.

All my staff is now on Google Apps (no more using Powerpoint, Word etc). We can view each other’s calendar. We have zero internal emails as we use Asana (the project management tool) for to-do lists and internal projects. We have all our documents saved to the Cloud and have significantly simplified our business.

And we have an internal intranet that allows us to do everything in the business (so if one of us accidentally gets hit by a bus, the business won’t fall apart!).”

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If you’d like to help Mare and BareFoot Bali meet their goal, there’s still time to donate.


Mare Jordanoski is an entrepreneur who runs multiple business across the education and medical industries. Starting her career in HR, she understands that people are the most important factor of any business. Most recently, Mare has started the Humanitarian Doctors Foundation with the first campaign focused on helping school children in Bali. itGenius supports this cause and encourages others to give generously: