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Quick Fix is our ‘single ticket' support service for those who need instant support for a single technical issue. 

Here's a list of tasks we can fix:

Setup/Fix DNS Records

If your mail isn't flowing in (or out) of your Google Workspace account, or you're getting stuck in spam mailboxes – incorrect DNS settings may be the culprit.

We can help with updating nameservers, A records, MX records, SPF records, DKIM records, DMARC policies and more!


Admin Panel Support

Troubleshooting an error, incorrect setting or helping with changes in the admin panel.

Account Recovery

Assistance recovering a lost or locked Google, YouTube, G Suite account (we can't guarantee recovery but we'll do our best).

Archive Account Data

Properly archiving a user's account data (including their mail) when staff have left.

Audit/Improve Security

Increasing security across your account after a security incident or as a preventative measure before something happens.

Resolve Billing Issues

Fixing billing issues with your Google Workspace account, changing plans or switching to direct debits

New Workspace Setup

Creating a new Google Workspace account with the correct DNS settings without any data migration services (*for existing itGenius customers)

Fixing Incorrect Setup

Inspecting and resolving issues with an incorrect implementation of Google Workspace (if you or someone else set it up without our help).

Google Drive Support

Getting our help auditing and organising your Google Drive files, or sharing settings.

What's included:


  • Professional support for a single support request – that means one issue for our team to work on. Need more? Join Cloud Concierge.
  • Guaranteed resolution (or suitable workaround) to your problem – or your money back (with exception of account recovery tasks).
  • Guaranteed support response within 1hr of sign up (during APAC/North American business hours).

How does it work:

1. Click ‘Get Started' below and complete checkout.

2. Start chatting to our support team immediately.

3. We'll get to work helping fix your issue.

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Who are the Geniuses?

Our team hail from diverse technical backgrounds; engineering, telecommunications, helpdesk, project and tech support roles... and all share a passion for business and technology. We’re experts in business cloud technology, and partner with Google and other global leaders to help businesses everywhere work and collaborate better.

Our team of Geniuses are based across Australia, New Zealand and The Philippines, though we support thousands of companies from all parts of the world.

Team Genius

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Ken was the best. He was communicative, understood the problem and took appropriate and timely action that resolved our problem. Great job and thank you!

Moses Hernandez Avatar Moses Hernandez
October 31, 2023

I have been using ITGenius for almost 10 years now and am always impressed with their professionalism and the speed in which they assist me with all my queries. Created a new entity and needed support with setting up my emails. Exceptional Service as always. Thankyou team

Kim Butcher Avatar Kim Butcher
October 24, 2023

We recently enlisted IT Genius for help with configuring our client emails. Their support was top-notch, efficient, and straightforward. Setting up our emails is vital for our business, and IT Genius nailed it. We highly recommend their services.

Carolyn Miciano Avatar Carolyn Miciano
October 17, 2023

Celeste, Was extremely helpful in solving my problem and making sure my email was now working properly and correctly. Her patience and understanding helped me to follow her step by step. Good job Celeste 10 out of 10, thank you so much!

John Duffield Avatar John Duffield
October 17, 2023

Ken… Did a great job. He was very responsive and knowledgeable. He got me back up and running within a short period of time after I spent three days trying to fix the problem. Many thanks again!

Lenny Herndon Avatar Lenny Herndon
October 10, 2023

itGenius and Ken are amazing at what they do. I am blown away by the service, quick response, and amazing results. It’s awesome to know they provide services in US. I will definitely be using them more and referring them to my network!

Christian Solaita Avatar Christian Solaita
October 7, 2023

Very happy with the way the help set up our google accounts correctly and more securely

Wanderers Australia Avatar Wanderers Australia
October 7, 2023

Richard Yago was Incredibly helpful and straightforward

Tom Lowes Avatar Tom Lowes
October 7, 2023

Richard was super helpful, fully resolved my problem, and had the patience of a saint. Would definitely use this service again.

Megan C Avatar Megan C
October 7, 2023

Highly recommended. Super helpful and supportive to our companies needs.

Dixia Martinez Avatar Dixia Martinez
October 7, 2023

What a fast wonderful painless customer service experience. They really REALLY know their stuff.👍🏻

October 7, 2023

The team is proactive and supportive. Quick response times make for efficient interactions. Truly a pleasure doing business with them!

Jonathan Johnson Avatar Jonathan Johnson
October 7, 2023

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AUD$297 single payment


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