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Is Your I.T. Consultant

STILL Holding Onto The Past?



Reduce your IT
by 30% this year not the next

Work from anywhere on
any device at any time

Grow and scale a remote team with easy cloud software

Get up to 2 hrs/day time back from your Inbox

Systemise your business
to delegate more & scale

Stop relying on servers,
VPNs & remote desktops

Shut down your
small biz server
for good

Manage your own IT and stop paying the”IT guy” tax


Sarah Cordiner reduced her IT bill by $1000’s per month and liberated her team from the constraints of the office.
She is now able to run her successful training company, MainTraining, from home and abroad with ease.
Sarah and her team now have the flexibility to work virtually from any location, on any device.



Help Me Move to the Cloud

  • Work Anywhere with G Suite
  • Systemise with Google Sites
  • Help me Organise my Google Drive
  • Help Choose the Right Cloud Software

I Need Help with Google Cloud

  • Casual & One-Off Support Options
  • Cloud Concierge Membership
  • Google Cloud Platform Managed Services

I Need Something Else

  • Personalised G Suite Training
  • Master your Inbox with Inbox Intensive
  • Online Training in Genius Academy
  • Hosting, Domain Names and DNS


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Fiona Lewis Internet Marketing Expert

G Suite saves me time, I love the efficiency and ease of use. I’d never, ever go back to doing business any other way. No more uploading, downloading, attaching or worrying about whether or not i have the latest version.

This has fundamentally changed the way I do business…


Catherine McMurtrie Director

Before using G Suite I was very resistant to change – but it ended up being a lot easier than I expected. I’m glad the team at itGenius took charge and helped me make the change as I now work very differently using Google’s tools.

I really like the fact that you can access your files…