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Google Workspace Admin Basics

Our best-practice guide for new and experienced Workspace administrators
(35 mins)

  • Organize workflows: Use Google Sites for clear procedures & guides.

  • Boost email efficiency: Master filtering, delegation, & onboarding.

  • Lock down security: Enforce 2FA, strong passwords & anti-phishing.

  • Manage files effectively: Transition to Shared Drives for control & clarity.

Small Business Security Essentials

Protect your business team with simple steps to secure your Workspace account
(35 mins)

  • Grow your business: Master Google Workspace for scaling from startup to enterprise.

  • Secure your data: Learn best practices for file sharing, permissions & Shared Drives in Google Drive.

  • Manage shared mailboxes: Use delegated access for secure collaboration.

  • Level up password security: Implement 2FA, strong passwords & enforce security policies.

  • Control app access: Review & manage third-party app connections for better security.

  • Stop email spoofing: Ensure email legitimacy with proper DNS settings.

  • Block phishing sites: Create managed bookmarks for secure browsing.

Remote Teamwork Revolution

11 tips for running a highly productive remote team, from anywhere
(35 mins)

  • Master remote work: Proven strategies for managing productive & happy remote teams.

  • Stay connected: Leverage tech for real-time collaboration & minimize distractions.

  • Organize & delegate: Combat information overload with task management systems.

  • Build team spirit: Foster collaboration & recreate the camaraderie of an office.

  • Work-life balance: Set boundaries & automate tasks for a healthy, productive routine.

Slackers to Stars Team Execution

Creating business transformation through superior strategic planning & execution
(25 mins)

  • Focus & Clarity: Master the one-page strategic plan for outlining core values, goals & vision.

  • Dream Team: Build a high-performing team with the right people playing to their strengths.

  • Empowering Leadership: Support your team through regular check-ins, open communication & feedback.

  • Stay on Track: Maintain momentum with a structured quarterly rhythm for consistent progress.

7 Steps to Inbox Zero

Tame the avalanche with a SIMPLE set of daily principles for reaching email zen


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