For small business owners, every subscription cost matters. When it comes to creating a company knowledge base or wiki, the choice between using a platform like Confluence and leveraging Google Sites within Google Workspace can be significant. This guide provides insights into making this crucial decision.

The Case for Google Sites

If you're already a Google Workspace subscriber, Google Sites offers a robust tool to create a private intranet for your team. It's ideal for hosting onboarding guides, training materials, and operational procedures. For small businesses, the appeal of Google Sites lies in its cost-effectiveness and integration within the Google ecosystem, reducing the need for additional paid apps.

When to Consider Confluence

While Google Sites is an excellent tool for basic intranet needs, it has its limitations. Platforms like Confluence are specifically designed for creating sophisticated intranets and may offer more features than Google Sites. If you have a larger team (more than 10 employees) or require advanced functionalities, Confluence or similar platforms might be a better fit.

Balancing Cost and Complexity

As a small business owner, the goal is to minimize costs while maximizing efficiency. Sticking to Google tools as much as possible can save costs, reduce complexity, and allow your team to focus on their core tasks. However, it's important to weigh the benefits of Google's simplicity against the advanced features offered by dedicated platforms like Confluence.

Google Workspace as an All-in-One Solution

For many small businesses, Google Workspace provides a comprehensive solution for various needs, including chat (Google Chat), video conferencing (Google Meet), and document processing. However, building an intranet might require a more nuanced approach.

Making the Right Choice

The decision between Google Sites and Confluence should be based on:

  • Size and Needs of Your Team: Larger teams with complex requirements might benefit more from Confluence.
  • Budget Constraints: Google Sites is more cost-effective and reduces the number of paid subscriptions.
  • Desired Features: Evaluate if the advanced features of Confluence are necessary for your business’s operations.


For small businesses, Google Sites presents an accessible and integrated option for creating a basic intranet. However, for more sophisticated needs, especially in larger teams, Confluence might be worth the additional investment. Assess your team's size, needs, and budget to make the best choice for your business.

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