7 Ways Chromebooks Keep You Secure

7 Ways Chromebooks Keep You Secure Read Full Article ‘Are Chromebooks secured?' ‘Are my business data safe with Chromebooks?' These are just some of the common questions that many would ask when it comes to using Chromebook for both personal and business use. The key thing about Chromebooks is you don't...

Top Chromebook Questions Answered

Top Chromebook Questions Answered Read Full Article Already working in the cloud for all your business apps? Why not consider a Chromebook (or Chromebox)? Chromebooks were originally seen as laptops built around the Google Cloud platform and widely-used in the education market. Their appeal, however, has widened over...

Do I really need a Google Chromecast?

Do I really need a Google Chromecast? Read Full Article Google Chromecast is one of the most reliable streaming devices that allow you to play online content like music and videos from a computer or mobile and display it right to your television. How does it work? Do you need to get one now? Find out more through this...

Things a Chromebook Can’t Do

Things a Chromebook Can’t Do Read Full Article In the last video, we've talked about Chromebooks, the different types, and its amazing features. In today's video Peter is going to share about the limitations of Chromebooks. Watch it here: Will these limitations stop you from getting a Chromebook? To learn more...

Which Chromebook Should I Buy?

Which Chromebook Should I Buy? Read Full Article Having difficulty choosing which Chromebook fits your lifestyle? Worry no more because we're featuring a common question from our followers: “Which Chromebook should I buy?” In this video, Peter answers a question from Adam that you all might be thinking...
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